Moldings & Trims

Moldings and Trims
The following are examples of molding and trims and their uses that can give your hardwood flooring project a completed look.

Used to provide a transition from other surfaces to hardwood flooring; most commonly carpet and ceramic tile.

Johnson Hardwood Threshold

Provides a gradual transition from one surface to another. Reducers come in multiple sizes to accomodate the best fit.

 Johnson Hardwood Reducer Molding

Quarter Round
Can be used as a trim piece to cover the expansion space between baseboards and hardwood flooring. Quater Round molding can also be used as a transition from cabinetry to hardwood flooring.
Johnson Hardwood Quarter Round

Stair Nose
Used to cover exposed edges on stairs and landings. Stair Nose comes in a variety of sizes and shapes to accomodate a best fit.
Johnson Hardwood Stairnose Molding

Acts as a seam between surfaces that are the same thickness or height. Generally seen used for doorways and borders.
Johnson Hardwood T-Molding