Lacey Act

Lacey Act for Responsible Forestry & Sustainability

Johnson Hardwood aims to assure our customers that the Johnson Hardwood floor they’ve purchased comes from responsibly harvested forests. Johnson Hardwood sources hardwood from the U.S., China, Brazil, and Canada. Government regulations in all of these countries have become much more stringent over the last decade, and we fully support their efforts to protect their forests. China’s Council for International Cooperation on Environment and Development regulates sustainable development through environmental policy and reform. There are Six National Key Forest Programs regulated by China’s State Council that include the promotion of economic development, natural resource management and environmental protection, taxation and regulation of timber markets, and international trade and investment. To comply with global sustainability, Brazil adheres to forest certification as regulated by the Forest Stewardship Council. Canada’s forest and lumber industry is regulated by the Canada Environmental Protection Agency. The United States, through the enactment of the Lacey Act, has helped other countries by preventing the importation of any hardwood product that is not legally harvested according to the rules of its country of origin. The Lacey Act requires end users of endangered wood to certify the legality of their supply chain all the way to the trees. If an importer knowingly imports tainted wood that has been illegally cut down for lumber then they will be raided by the Environmental Investigation Agency and dealt with by the U.S. Department of Justice.

 Refer to the following table for a list of Johnson Hardwood products, wood species classifications, and their countries of origin.

Johnson Hardwood Lacey Act List