Color Variation

Color Variation

When deciding on a wood species for your hardwood floor it is important to keep in mind color variation. With wood being a natural material it brings with it natural characteristics that can not be controlled. These characteristics are a by-product of the species itself, and is hopefully one of the reasons the decision has been made to purchase hardwood flooring. Some wood species have less color variation than others. This should be completely explained by your flooring dealer when narrowing down your decision. Color variation can be attributed to two natural occurances. First, is the natural color of the raw wood, and second is the way the wood absorbs stain. The following are examples of the different levels of color variation that one can expect from the wood species that we carry.

Johnson Hardwood Euro Acacia

Johnson Hardwood Brazilian Oak

Johnson Hardwood Brazilian Teak

Johnson Hardwood English Pub Cognac

Johnson Hardwood English Pub Moonshine

Johnson Hardwood Tigerwood