Rowlock Warranty

Rowlock Wall Panel Warranty Program

Effective on Purchases Made On/After March 22, 2011

Johnson Premium Hardwood Flooring is pleased to offer the following warranty program on its prefinished wall paneling products as outlined below. The warranty program applies only when the recommended installation method and procedures are followed. Johnson’s warranty program also assumes that proper relative humidity and temperature conditions are maintained within your home as set forth in the recommended manufacturer’s installation guidelines and the Normal Environmental Conditions set forth below.


The Johnson Premium Hardwood warranty program is only extended to wall paneling maintained in Normal Environmental Conditions. Normal Environmental Conditions are defined herein as and met when heating and ventilating systems are designed and working to maintain an interior relative humidity level (in the ambient air), between 35% and 50%, and a temperature between 60 and 80 degrees Fahrenheit year round. These Normal Environmental Conditions must be met to ensure optimal performance of the Johnson hardwood products. Failure to comply with these Normal Environmental Conditions and the recommended manufacturer installation guidelines will void the applicable warranty.


Under Johnson’s Residential/Commercial Warranty Program, as detailed below, Johnson Premium Hardwood warrants that its products meet all established industrial quality standards specified for each product category. Residential/commercial warranty programs are non-transferable and extend ONLY to the original purchaser(s) of the Johnson prefinished wall paneling material.

Claims for surface wear must result from surface wear that is readily visible and cover at least one full square inch of the surface area. Gloss reduction is NOT considered surface wear.

ALL WOOD IS NATURAL and, therefore, there will be variances in color and wood grain. Wood will naturally change in color after exposure to UV radiation and/or sunlight. These variations and color changes are NOT covered by the Limited Residential/Commercial Finish Warranties. Use of cleaning products other than those specially formulated for use on Johnson prefinished wall paneling may damage your paneling and void the warranty. 

It is mandatory that the purchaser(s) install the paneling material pursuant to the manufacturer’s installation instructions.

Johnson Premium Hardwood warrants, to the original purchaser, that its engineered pre-finished wall panelings are free of any manufacturing defects.  Manufacturing defects include, but are not limited to, the following: improper milling, grading, staining, and coating. Structural limited lifetime warranty means the wall paneling product will remain free from defects in assembly, milling, dimension, (see: Proper humidity conditions in installation instructions), and grading for as long as the original purchaser owns the home.

It is the installer’s responsibility to inspect each wall panel PRIOR to the installation. Panels that are NOT structurally acceptable should NOT be installed. Panels that are NOT visually/aesthetically acceptable should be put to the side and used in an acceptable location. Once a panel is installed, there is NO longer a question as to its structural or visible/aesthetic characteristics. If a panel does NOT install properly, it is NOT to be used. Although improper installation voids this warranty, Johnson Premium Hardwood reserves the right to replace panels that have cracked, split and/or separated due to structural defects.  If more than 5% of the panels for the complete installation are unusable, return to Johnson Premium Hardwood for replacement.

Damages due to improper transportation, storage, installation, extreme indoor conditions (e.g. extreme heat, dryness, and/or moisture) extreme sunlight, excessive wear and usage, or any other cause are NOT covered by this warranty. Exposure to excessive heat, dryness, or moisture, may cause damage to the paneling. It is natural, due to the inherent properties of wood that minor contractions and expansions may occur.  These occurrences, and/or visual changes of the panels, should self-correct with seasonal climate changes and/or when maintaining required Normal Environmental Conditions.



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